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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Public Notice:

Given the extenuating circumstances related to COVID-19, auction schedule may be disrupted.

Please stay tuned to this page for further updates . Thank you for your understanding.

Monday @ 8:00am  April 6city
U-Haul Storage, 9300 N. Cave Creek Rd.PhoenixCANCELLED

U-Haul Storage, 9404 N. 19th Ave.Phoenix CANCELLED
U-Haul Storage, 12280 N. 51st Ave.Glendale CANCELLED
U-Haul Storage, 4950 W. Northern Ave.Glendale CANCELLED
U-Haul Storage, 5024 W. Glendale Ave.Glendale CANCELLED
U-Haul Storage, 4240 W. Camelback Rd.Phoenix CANCELLED
U-Haul Storage, 2235 W. McDowell Rd.Phoenix CANCELLED
U-Haul Storage, 410 S. 2nd StreetPhoenix CANCELLED
U-Haul Storage, 4410 W. Southern Ave.LaveenCANCELLED

Tuesday @ 8:00am  April 7city
U-Haul Storage, 1935 W. Bell Rd.PhoenixCANCELLED

U-Haul Storage, 21621 N. 26th Ave.PhoenixCANCELLED

U-Haul Storage, 6544 W. Bell Rd.GlendaleCANCELLED

U-Haul Storage, 8746 W. Bell Rd.Peoria CANCELLED
U-Haul Storage, 13511 W. Westgate Dr.SurpriseCANCELLED

U-Haul Storage, 13440 W. Bell Rd.SurpriseCANCELLED

U-Haul Storage, 16835 W. Northern Ave.Litchfield Park CANCELLED
U-Haul Storage, 1126 N. Citrus Rd.Goodyear CANCELLED

Wednesday @ 9:30am  April 8city
Extra Space Storage, 112 N. Alma School Rd.MesaCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 1650 N. Pima Rd.ScottsdaleCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 1964 E. University Dr.TempeCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 1135 W. Broadway Rd.TempeCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 2222 W. Southern Ave.TempeCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 3803 S. Priest Dr.TempeCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 1601 E. South Shore Dr.TempeCANCELLED 

Thursday @ 9:30am  April 9city
Extra Space Storage, 5253 E. Main St.MesaCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 448 N. Greenfield Rd.MesaCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 4550 E. Southern Ave.MesaCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 5510 E. Southern Ave.MesaCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 6840 E. Madero Ave.MesaCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 9252 E. Guadalupe Rd.MesaCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 9363 E. Southern Ave.MesaCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 7387 E. US Hwy 60Gold CanyonCANCELLED 

Monday @ 8:00am  April 13city
U-Haul Storage, 160 W. Craig Rd.   N. Las VegasCANCELLED
U-Haul Storage, 3969 N. Rancho Dr. Las Vegas CANCELLED 
U-Haul Storage, 8525 Oso Blanca Rd.Las Vegas CANCELLED 
Storage@Summerlin, 1650 Crestdale Ln.Las VegasCANCELLED 
U-Haul Storage, 2450 N. Rainbow Blvd.Las Vegas CANCELLED 
U-Haul Storage, 3083 W. Lake Mead Blvd.N. Las Vegas CANCELLED 
U-Haul Storage, 2001 W. Bonanza Rd.Las Vegas CANCELLED 
IPI Self Storage, 3965 W. Desert Inn Rd.Las VegasCANCELLED 
IPI Self Storage, 4850 S. Valley View Blvd.Las VegasCANCELLED 
U-Haul Storage, 4950 S. Duneville St.Las VegasCANCELLED
U-Haul Storage, 5220 S. Jones Blvd.Las VegasCANCELLED
U-Haul Storage, 8620 S. Las Vegas Blvd.  Las VegasCANCELLED

Tuesday @ 8:00am  April 14city
U-Haul Storage, 5250 E. Craig Rd.Las VegasCANCELLED
U-Haul Storage, 2525 N. Lamont St. Las Vegas CANCELLED 
U-Haul Storage, 2301 Las Vegas Blvd. NorthN. Las Vegas CANCELLED 
U-Haul Storage, 2030 E. Fremont St.Las Vegas CANCELLED 
Ace Self Storage, 851 N. Lamb Blvd.Las VegasCANCELLED 
U-Haul Storage, 5011 E. Charleston Blvd.Las Vegas CANCELLED 
U-Haul Storage, 333 N. Nellis Blvd.Las Vegas CANCELLED 
U-Haul Storage, 5316 Boulder Hwy.  Las VegasCANCELLED
U-Haul Storage, 1098 Stephanie Place  Las Vegas CANCELLED 
U-Haul Storage, 989 S. Boulder Hwy. Henderson CANCELLED 

Wednesday @ 9:30am  April 15city
Extra Space Storage, 765 E. Baseline Rd.GilbertCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 670 S. Gilbert Rd.GilbertCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 1965 E. Ray Rd.GilbertCANCELLED 
Envy Self Storage, 18612 S. Lindsay Rd.GilbertCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 2090 S. Dobson Rd.ChandlerCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 1625 W. Chandler Blvd.ChandlerCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 2150 N. Arizona Ave.ChandlerCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 2880 W. Elliot Rd.ChandlerCANCELLED 

Thursday @ 9:30am  April 16city
Extra Space Storage, 3650 W. Broadway Rd.PhoenixCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 2650 S. 99th Ave.TollesonCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 5115 N. 59th Ave.GlendaleCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 11990 N. 75th Ave.PeoriaCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 10700 N. 95th Ave.PeoriaCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 10334 W. Beardsley Rd.PeoriaCANCELLED 

Monday @ 8:00am  April 20city
U-Haul Storage, 1375 N. Arizona Ave.ChandlerCANCELLED

U-Haul Storage, 125 W. Hampton Ave.MesaCANCELLED

U-Haul Storage, 1905 E. Apache Blvd.Tempe CANCELLED
U-Haul Storage, 500 N. Scottsdale Rd.Tempe CANCELLED
U-Haul Storage, 800 N. McClintock Rd.Tempe CANCELLED
U-Haul Storage, 255 E. Mckellips Rd.Mesa CANCELLED
U-Haul Storage, 2947 E. Main St.Mesa CANCELLED
U-Haul Storage, 1614 N. Higley Rd.Mesa CANCELLED
U-Haul Storage, 457 S. Higley Rd.Mesa CANCELLED
U-Haul Storage, 6215-6247 E. Main St.Mesa CANCELLED

Tuesday @ 9:30am  April 21city
Extra Space Storage, 3770 E. Bell Rd.PhoenixCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 17407 N. Cave Creek Rd.PhoenixCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 15626 N. Cave Creek Rd.PhoenixCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 2721 E. Greenway Pkwy.PhoenixCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 10815 N. 32nd St.PhoenixCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 10250 N. 19th Ave.PhoenixCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 10411 N. 19th Ave.PhoenixCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 2043 W. Peoria Ave.PhoenixCANCELLED 

Wednesday @ 9:30am  April 22city
Extra Space Storage, 5225 E. Van Buren St.PhoenixCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 3636 E. Washington St.PhoenixCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 4028 N. 7th StreetPhoenixCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 301 W. Indian School Rd.PhoenixCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 2816 W. Thomas Rd.PhoenixCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 3615 N. 27th Ave.PhoenixCANCELLED 
Extra Space Storage, 2727 W. Missouri Ave.PhoenixCANCELLED 

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*Tax Exempt Buyers*

A visual copy of your Tax License must be presented at the time of sale or sales tax will apply. 


Auctions will start at the scheduled time with the first location.

The following stops will commence in the order listed

upon the arrival of the auctioneer.