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Maximize your auction proceeds



Pasco Auctions is not just an auction company but can be counted on as your lien consultant to ensure your auction procedures are done correctly. This alone can save you thousands of dollars compared to companies that are unfamiliar with the most current laws and procedures.


Pasco Auctions service is second to none and has been built by this quality of service where others lack in performance. Owner Patrick Sievwright personally handles all offsite auctions and has an impeccable reputation throughout the industry with years of experience in all facets of the business.


Unlike most auctioneers in the business, Pasco Auctions Staff carries themselves with class and utmost professionalism.

Do you want to maximize your auction proceeds?

The answer is:


How can using PASCO AUCTIONS benefit you?


(1) LEGAL: PASCO AUCTIONS is licensed and bonded with a ZERO claim rate in over 10 years of business.


(2)SIZE: Larger than most auction companies, PASCO has a wide array of connections from a huge buyer base to a large consigner and account group.


(3)INTEGRITY: There are many auction outfits that have very questionable individuals working for them and do not inspire bidder confidence. Patrick Sievwright and PASCOS reputation is second to non-in the industry.


(4)KNOWLEDGE: Patrick Sievwright from the inception of his auction companies has made it a point to base everything he does on acquiring an in-depth knowledge of every product he sells or areas he sells in as to maximize revenue for the account or consignor and ultimately for himself. There is no one in the industry with more experience on the buying or selling of storage units than Patrick.


(5)DOLLARS: Dollars that make sense. It is a proven fact that live auctions garner more money per unit than a sealed bid procedure due to the competitive aspect of the live auction. With a professional auctioneer and joining our auction route keeps a competitive group of buyers together in a organized manner as to acquire the most dollars per unit which you will find far outweighs our attractive commission rate.


(6)ACCOUNTABILITY: By using PASCO AUCTIONS, you get a sense of security in the fact that we require the bidders to remove all merchandise from units purchased within the time specified by management and myself. Any items not removed will result in the possibility of the permanent removal of the particular buyer from ALL of our auction routes. Any costs incurred by the facility to have merchandise removed will be passed on to PASCO AUCTIONS and we will reimburse the facility.


(7)TROUBLESHOOTING: One of the aspects of our service that our current clients greatly appreciate, is after the unit is sold, any problems that arise from the previous owners are turned over to us and we take care of the situation in a professional manner.


(8)COMMISSION RATE: Percentage of gross sales. Competitive commission rates that fit your facilities needs. Keep in mind, when factoring in a commission rate, Pasco Auctions generates 25% to 30% more than any other competitor. Ask me how?


(9)LOCK CUT SERVICE: Lock cutting and inventory service also provided for a very reasonable fee or percentage. Any units that are empty will inquire no charge for the lock cut.